Selling Your Collection

Guidelines To Selling Your Collection


Although we do purchase collections for resale please keep in mind the following:


1. We always suggest trying to sell your items yourself if you are looking to get the most for your collection. Selling to a dealer like us will get you the LEAST return for the items as we must purchase for cash, sort, store, list, hold, and ship the products in order to get any return on our investment. This can take years for most of the items we purchase.


2. The value of your items IS NOT what you see the items for sale at on other sites as those are only the prices others are asking. Fully up to 90% of items listed online do not sell right away, if at all. Some sites will let you see what items like yours have recently sold for however, and if that price looks good to you then trying to sell at that price or lower and doing all the work yourself may be the best way to go. Bear in mind that you have to take pictures, list the item, answer inquiries, pack, ship, pay the markeplace fees and payment fees, and deal with any issues that may arise from the transaction.


3. A comment on BOOK VALUES. These are all over the board, from books to online publications you will find a huge variety of estimates on the value of your items. These estimates are just that, estimates and many have little consideration of the multitude of issues required in order to properly come to a value for your items such as packaging, condition, and current market values which can vary from day to day and most certainly from year to year.


4. Resist the temptation to allow anyone to Cherry Pick your collection and buy only your best items. This will leave you with that 90% of items that are very hard to sell online or even to a dealer. Who wants to buy just the scraps from a collection, that will be very hard to sell. We will not buy any collection with no valuable items in it.


5. Bottom line is that the person who does the work makes the profit, at some point. If you are too emotionally attached to your collection or an item it is best to just keep it until that passes.


So why should I sell my collection to you?


In short you get rid of everything quickly and easily. Unlike most dealers if we make a deal we will buy it all, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. There are however some collections we have no interest in. These include any items from a smoking home or that have water or smoke damage, NASCAR collections, or collections of items larger than 1/64 in scale.


In order to consider your collection for purchase we will need the following:


1. The location of the items. If you are too far away it may not be worth traveling to pick up the items.


2. A list of the items you have for sale or at least some summary which includes the quantity and brands of the items as well as their condition.


3. Pictures that give us a good idea of what you have for sale.


When it comes to selling your collection we truly want you to get the most money for your collection that you can. That will NEVER be by selling it to someone else who will sell it themselves. That said, if you want to avoid the hassle and expense of trying to sell the collection yourself we would welcome the opportunity to help you. As a trusted buyer and seller of Diecast Collectibles for over 30 years we can assure you a smooth transaction, conducted with honesty and integrity. Our reputation depends on it.

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